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Attract, engage, and win more customers

Naomi Tepper and her dog Oskar

Dear Small & Scrappy Founder,

There's a big place in my heart for early-stage startups on a mission to do great things!

  • I help early-stage B2C tech, education, and service businesses to grow through digital and content marketing, serving in a strategic marketing consulting capacity or via dedicated fractional CMO services.

  • I have a network of service providers and partners available to solve all types of business challenges.

  • Partnering with founders who aren't ready to bring on full-time marketing staff, I help them to build a solid marketing foundation.

  • My clients are typically looking to rapidly scale. They are risk-takers, willing to try new approaches, and are on a mission to do great work in the world. 

  • With over a decade's experience in digital marketing strategy working with startups and small businesses, I'm excited to help your business grow.

Sound like you? Book your free 20-minute intro call today!

-Naomi Tepper

Example Results

Black Sky




Let's build a smart and effective marketing strategy

  • Identify opportunities

  • Develop a plan

  • Execute 

  • Measure results

  • Repeat



Let's develop your brand experience.

  • Logo design

  • Brand colors

  • Language and tone

  • Style guide



Let's create awesome marketing content of all types

  • Website builds & updates

  • Email campaigns

  • Social media content

  • Lead magnets

  • SEO

  • Podcasts

  • And more... 


The Ampersand Manifesto Podcast
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Jessica Wan client headshot

Jessica Wan,
Leadership Coach

Naomi is extraordinarily skilled at both the technical side of podcast production as well as all the things that make it a joy to work with her: excellent communication, speedy responses, fantastic creative judgment, and generally being proactive and on top of things. Seriously, working with Naomi is 100% joy and no stress!

Dontaye Ball client headshot

Dontaye Ball, Chef and Owner Gumbo Social

Working with Naomi has been an absolute pleasure. From day zero she's made a strong impact from both a marketing standpoint and from a vision standpoint. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, and it's great to have someone on the team that's operating almost like a business partner.

Holly Gittlein client headshot

Holly Gittlein,
Author & Artist

Naomi is wonderful to work with and, quite frankly, gave me a lot of invaluable coaching. She knows her stuff and is encouraging and optimistic. Very easy to work with and accomplishes tasks on time and above expectation.

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