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Let me help you produce, design, edit, and launch your podcast

Hop to It (2022)

Join digital nomads Na and Tre’ as they hop from city to city on their journey to find home. 

In 2022, I  co-created, co-produced, designed, edited, and marketed the Hop to It podcast.

  • Built the audience from scratch

  • 26 weekly episodes in season one

  • 250 downloads per month. 


Podcast Cover 7.jpg

The Ampersand Manifesto (2022)

Leadership coach & opera singer Jessica Wan interviews “the most interesting people at the dinner party,” who for decades have led double lives and achieved the highest levels of competency in not just one field but two.

  • Produced and edited 13 episodes in season 1

  • Cut from 50 minutes of raw audio to 25-30 minutes of storytelling.

  • Fixed issues with sound quality, editorial flow, and more.

  • Sound design for enjoyable listening


Magoosh IELTS Podcast (2017-18)

Listen to the Magoosh IELTS podcast and learn everything you need to know to get a higher IELTS band score.

Produced, designed, edited and marketed this podcast to promote the Magoosh IELTS test-prep product.

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