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Smarter Marketing

Attract and convert more students to your EdTech business without spending your time learning how to market.

Naomi Tepper, Fractional CMO

I help early-stage ed-tech businesses to grow through digital marketing. I serve in a strategic consulting capacity or via dedicated fractional CMO services and have a network of service providers.


My clients are typically between $1-10m looking to rapidly scale. They are risk takers, willing to try new approaches, and are on a mission to do great work in the world. 

With over a decade's experience in digital marketing and content strategy working for startups and small businesses in the Bay Area, I'm excited to help your business grow.

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-Naomi Tepper

Full Stack Marketing Services

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Mori Yagi, Head of Growth Marketing, Clever

Naomi is a brilliant content strategist and a collaborative marketing leader.  I’ve always been impressed by her knack for setting seemingly impossible objectives and hitting them consistently. She nurtured and grew a high-performing content marketing team, and led them through a challenging organic search recovery initiative with clarity and resolve.


Kyle Graycar, Founder DeCarbon

Naomi is a marketing WIZARD and I'd highly recommend you seek her genius for your SEO, content, and leadership desires.


Rita Krieg, Content Lead, Magoosh

 Naomi excels as both a content marketing/SEO strategist and as a people manager. Her data-driven process, research-based strategy skills, and questioning nature make it easy to be clear and confident in her leadership and decision-making processes

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